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As of 9.00am today, the 19th February 2018, applications of tender to rebuild our platforms closed.
No further applications can be accepted.
We thank all those that have submitted their applications. We hall now begin the process of reviewing each application and will notify tenderers of the final decision both email.
The successful bidder will be advertised on this site as soon as a decision has been made and relevant paperwork completed
<![CDATA[Tender Opportunity]]>Wed, 07 Feb 2018 11:17:15 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/tender-opportunity
Invitation to Tender
ViVi Media Limited is inviting suitable companies to tender for the provision of website and mobile application development.

Companies meeting the eligibility requirements and who believe that they can fulfil the tender requirements below can contact CEO Darren Guest by email, ceo@vivimagazine.com, or by post, ViVi Media, i-centrum, Birmingham B7 4BP.

Opening date for applications is 9.00am Thursday 8th February 2018 and closing date for tenders to be received is 9.00am Monday 19th February 2018.

Tenders can be made via email or post but must show valid proof that ViVi Media received them by the closing date.

Project Brief
ViVi Media is looking to redevelop and improve it’s website and mobile applications This will include an improved user interface and the creation of an interactive platform for live member discussions.
Portals are needed to both editorial and advertising to be submitted, checked and verified before going live.
Work will also include:
to redevelop the existing platform into a modular, structured codebase;
Create location capabilities within the app;
Generate data capture and secure storage across system
Elastic search for treatments;
Change structure from PDF to HTML/Java
Build filter for analytic capture;
Website to link with patient App;
UX improvements;
To follow after initial build is User Testing Support and user interface development

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for consideration of its tender a tenderer should meet the following requirements.
The successful Tender will have a proven track record in writing code, developing mobile applications, creating WordPress websites and will be able to provide two trade references to confirm this.
The Tenderer must e able to attend regular meetings with ViVi Media at our offices in Birmingham, a minimum of 5 hours once a week, and any charges for this must be clearly indicated in the tender application.

<![CDATA[Crowdfunding]]>Sat, 11 Nov 2017 20:37:22 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/crowdfunding

You can now own a piece of ViVi 

Go to our crowd fund page now and see all the benefits that you can get from as little as £10!
<![CDATA[Spring Fashion 2017]]>Thu, 20 Apr 2017 11:01:08 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/spring-fashion-2017
See the Weston dress in our latest edition online at
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<![CDATA[Black is Back for Spring]]>Sat, 15 Apr 2017 09:41:49 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/black-is-back-for-spring
See the Spring Fashion edition!

See and buy some great items and discover what leading blogger LiLi J Gray has to say
<![CDATA[A fortnight crowdfunding]]>Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:58:37 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/a-fortnight-crowdfunding
 We are still crowdfunding and looking for more £10-£50 investments.
Find out about being part of ViVi at:
Look forward to having you on board.
<![CDATA[Investing In ViVi Makes Sense]]>Fri, 13 Jan 2017 11:22:44 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/investing-in-vivi-makes-sense
Entrepreneur and Founder of Poundland, Steve Smith, is backing ViVi to make him lots of money - why aren't you?

With the backing of Steve Smith, founder of Poundland, as chairman and investor, ViVi Media is aiming to rapidly grow its digital fashion, lifestyle and beauty business to become a leading media website and mobile app!

They are looking to raise this money through crowdfunding - where everybody can buy shares in the company from as little as £10. This is a new and excellent way of generating the capital they require whilst offering excellent returns for backers.
Within the first week of launching ViVi has already generated over £20,000 of investment!

See more at our investment site: http://vivi.trakkif.com/
Furthermore the company SEISS eligible and approved which means, with the additional benefits that we offer, investors of £1,000 or more are pretty much investing risk free!!!! This is a government scheme which allows you to get 50% immediately off your tax bill and can be back dated!
I have attached details on this plus you can watch the video below to see just why high income earners and those with savings are jumping on board.

<![CDATA[How Does an Investor Make Money With Equity Crowdfunding?]]>Tue, 10 Jan 2017 21:03:42 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/how-does-an-investor-make-money-with-equity-crowdfunding
For those that have seen that we're crowdfunding but aren't sure what the fuss is about - read how an investor can make money crowdfunding:

<![CDATA[Saving For a Rainy Day?]]>Tue, 10 Jan 2017 20:57:39 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/saving-for-a-rainy-day
See your savings grow.
You can be a part owner of ViVi Media for as little as £10.00
Vivi Media are crowdfunding and we have already had over £20,000 of investment pledges. We want to offer shares to our customers, friends, family and the readers.

You can invest as little as £10.00 or more if you are feeling flush.

There are some great additional investor benefits and you can check out why Poundland Founder Steve Smiths invested.

You can be a part-owner of ViVi Media too so why not see your investment flourish and be part of the next big thing.

Click http://vivi.trakkif.com/ and discover a great way to start 2017
<![CDATA[15 startups didn’t exist 5 years ago -- now they’re worth billions]]>Thu, 05 Jan 2017 17:44:32 GMThttp://vivimagazine.com/news/15-startups-didnt-exist-5-years-ago-now-theyre-worth-billions


​Amazing how many tech/app companies can make it big in todays market!
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